Tuesday, June 17, 2008

gearing up ...

last year, i wrote a post on my other blog regarding the marathon. top 10 reasons why you should run one, in fact. the fall marathon has definitely been on my mind as of late, so i thought it would be appropriate to repost the top 10 here. funny side note: when jona read my top 10 reasons, he asked me where i found them. apparently he was underestimating my blogging abilities. :) I WROTE THEM silly!

anyways, here it is. top 10 reasons why you should train for and run a marathon.

10. Endorphins: noun: any of a group of endogenous peptides (as enkephalin and dynorphin) found especially in the brain that bind chiefly to opiate receptors and produce some of the same pharmacological effects (as pain relief) as those of opiates. Translation: you feel good, less pain. Yes, the "runners high" really does exist and it really does feel good. Get over the 3 to 4 mile hump and you'll know what I'm talking about.

9. Bigger heart: Because your body needs to pump more blood to get more oxygen to those hard working muscles, over time your body adapts and your heart beats more efficiently (greater volume of blood per pump) and actually becomes larger.

8. Nice legs: Yes, running builds strong muscles. Remember to stretch.

7. Therapy: To me there is no better stress reliever than to go out on a late Friday afternoon, pop in my iPod (or not) and get rid of the work week. Running allows me to do something for myself and work out my thoughts.

6. Lose Weight/Gain Weight: I've had friends who have lost weight running, but also gained weight. It's a fact: muscle weighs more than fat. Shed the fat, gain the muscle - you're going to weigh more and look toned.

5. Slow Down the Aging Process: Runners are less likely to experience bone and muscle loss as they age.

4. Amazing Places to See: Because of marathons, I've been able to see Alaska, Hawaii, San Diego, Sacramento (actually a fabulous race), the California Redwoods, Napa Valley, Los Angeles, and Highway 1 in Big Sur which we had all to ourselves. You now have an excuse to travel.

3. Courage: There is nothing like accomplishing something you never thought you could. We're not going to lie, running 26.2 miles is hard. But if you learn to take heart and do something hard, you'll never feel the same.

2. Bragging Rights: Running 26.2 is a serious accomplishment. Celebrate it. You really get to learn what you are made of. I always make it a point to wear my finish medal and go through the medal detector at the airport when I'm flying home. :)

1. Camaraderie: I have had the privilege of running with some of the most amazing women I know. This is truly the reason I run. It's selfish. I love my girlfriends and being able to spend time with them and share in their lives is it for me. Experiencing the running ups and downs together and having fun while doing it makes it all worth it. Get out together and make it a team effort.


  1. I'm signing up for a 10k today. It's my motivation for getting my butt back into gear. Have to have something to work toward, right? I definitely miss feeling amazing after finishing a great run. Great list. I think #4 might be my top reason. I have practically no motivation to run around the streets in Mountain View, but get really excited to run at Rancho, Los Gatos, Sawyer, Silvercreek, Tahoe, and anywhere else with beautiful trails.

  2. my little sister and i were talking about this last night on our run, all the cool reasons to run and do marathons. for us, it was a family affair, and really brought us closer together, and was something we will never forget. we thought it would be cool to make it a goal to keep running as a family, and try to do a marathon in every state. what a cool way to see the US, eh?!

  3. I can't say I am a marathoner... I am only a half marathoner... but I still love the camaraderie!!!

  4. molly: i've always loved that about you ... i specifically remember a time when you stopped right in the middle of the trail at sawyer to check out a banana slug - you were fawning all over the slug, the spanish moss. it is really beautiful, huh?

    morgan: FAMILY! you must be on the same vibe as me this week. my sister came out and ran a half with me while we were living in california and it was amazing. you are lucky to be able to share that with your fam.

    sj goody: congrats on the GREAT pr for your 5K! and don't EVER say "only a half marathoner". i am convinced the half marathon is the perfect distance. i'm also convinced that once you shoot for the marathon and finish the 26.2, you'll never go back! but yes, this list applies ... even to a mile. :)

  5. you made me giggle with your justification of running in Sacramento. (I live here, so I totally get it...)

    I loved your list. It's helping me make a big decision. I've only done 2 halfs so far so I'm nervous to make that big (BIG!) jump to 26.2.

  6. JP: DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! you'll never go back.