Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why I Love Running Today

In the afterglow of the NY Marathon, I've decided to not run for a few weeks. I've been able to sleep more, rest up, and ...... wait for it ...... work more. Bleh. It seems that as one element of my life disappears another appears to take its place. I feel like the second I came home from New York and recovered from my cold, everything was go, go, go. I'm feeling scattered, tired, and distracted.

So today I love running because I am focused, energized, and driven while I run. While I can think about the chaos I have going on, the only thing I can actually do while running is run. It is the only time during my day when I can let go, be Julia, and do something totally and utterly selfish.

So thank you running. Thank you for the sanity.


  1. I agree with ya. When life is "crushing in" on you, running takes you away...