Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2009, here we come!

Jona and I are officially signed up for our Spring 2009 races.

March 22 - The Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, VA. This course is going to be flat, flat, flat. And hopefully fast, fast, fast. :) Jonathan's running the full, while I'll be running the half. We're both hoping for some serious PRs.
April 5 - The Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run in Washington, DC. This race came highly recommend by The Nixons and we are so dang excited to run it with some our friends from Cary. And yes, I am a DC virgin, so I'm excited to experience the city for a few days, too.
What's on your 2009 agenda? Anything yet?


  1. Fun, fun, fun! I think the following races are on my 2009 agenda so far:

    Surf City USA Half Marathon (Huntington Beach) on Feb 1st.

    Sequoia Trail Run 20k (Joaquin Miller Park in the hills above Oakland) on Feb 28th.

    And maybe a 10k or 17k in Woodside on Feb 7th. This is a maybe since I forgot that I wanted to do the Huntington Beach one the week before.

    Race, race, race!

  2. Dang, everyone has the race plans already. I better get a movin!!

  3. The other night I made sure my husband was good and litening as I rattled off my race plans. :)

    I've think that I have planned all the races I'll do for the whole year...