Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Family Affair


I have an amazing husband who is a tremendous athlete. He's positive, fast, and strong. I cannot tell you how helpful it is to have another marathon runner in the house. We eat the right foods together, we run together when we can (he is a LOT faster than I am), we schedule races together, and we push each other.

Jona's thinking of entering the City of Oaks Marathon in early November, putting him running 26.2 three weeks after me. I breathed a sigh of relief when he mentioned it today. It will make my training that much easier, that much better. Having this running business be a family affair feels pretty good.


  1. it's an extended family affair at my house. ryan's not invited anymore...not after he told me i look like a hunchback midget when i run. my mom IS invited. she gets it. :)

  2. hunchback midget? WOAH. hubby would DEFINITELY not be invited at my house either if he called me that. :) that ryan ........... :)