Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Had the Craziest Dream Last Night

Jona said I talked in my sleep all night last night. I said I was sorry and then remembered exactly what I dreamt about ... thought it was appropriate here.

Maren and I were going to run the Boston Marathon (that's right Mare, I dreamt about you ...) but we were planning on taking it easy. Really easy. Like let's take a nap and do lunch, maybe go shopping, in the middle of the marathon. Then I was worried about making it to the finish line in time to have everyone see me cross. My dad happened to be there and was doing calculations for me and Maren while we were dawdling at the mall. 31 hours. It would take us another 31 hours to finish the marathon at that rate. I became a little concerned after that.

So I woke up this morning and after remembering my dream, it hit me that I was actually running 26.2 on Sunday. Woah. I may have been a little less mentally checked in to training this season, but I do feel ready. Shoot, after 11 of these you'd think I would have figured something out, right? Here goes nothin'. Wish me luck.


  1. That's my kind of marathon!

    I'm honored that I made it into your dreams. Running the Boston Marathon at that!

    One can 'dream'...

  2. Ha! I guarantee it won't take you 31 hours to run the marathon. Look at it this way--no matter what your time ends up being, it blows 31 hours out of the water!