Friday, August 26, 2011

Feeling Sick

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I have really hit a stride the last few weeks ... running all of my scheduled training runs, having great long runs, hitting yoga twice a week, and even losing a few pounds along the way.  I was feeling so great, and then BAM!  I get hit with a nasty cold/flu/virus/bacteria, whatever you want to call it.  And for the last week, I've been laid up at home, nursing my lungs back to health, feeling totally defeated in the exercise department.  I've always stood by the rule that if your sickness is below your throat, then you shouldn't run, and definitely held to that this week.

But man, it SUCKS not keeping up with your fitness. 

And as I'm trying to get ready for my half next Saturday, I'm feeling a little tentative not having run in a week.  Any tips?  


  1. Amen!! I've barely run at all in the last 2 weeks (minus this morning and our run in Tahoe, because I just couldn't skip that). It sucks so bad to be doing so well in your training and then have to take a step back. Getting back into it is always rough, too.

    You can totally do your race! If I can take 2 weeks off (which were supposed to be 8 and 10-milers), you can totally get by after one week off. The body remembers.

    You'll do great!

  2. rest, rest, rest! you've trained enough and being fully rested will be better than doing any more.