Wednesday, July 23, 2008


i am super curious ... what do you drink for the following runs?
  • 1-4 miles?
  • 5-6 miles?
  • 7-10 miles?
  • 10+ miles?

options might include nothing, water, fuel belt flask of propel.

my hydration needs have changed so much since moving to a warmer climate. i think i've almost doubled my fluid intake.

my answers to the questions?

  • 1-4 miles: one fuel belt flask of FROZEN water
  • 5-6 miles: one or two fuel belt flask of FROZEN propel
  • 7-10 miles: three + fuel belt flasks of gatorade (rain is my fave)
  • 10+ miles: four + fuel belt flasks of gatorade

i think each fuel belt flask is around 7 oz. is that about right? anyways, i'd love to know what you're drinkin'. :)


  1. i hardly ever drink anything but water. but i don't have a fuel belt, so it's hard for me to gauge how much i drink. all the trails that i run long distances on have drinking fountains, so i just drink as i go and then i always end up drinking about 20 oz. of water afterwards.

  2. Let me preface by saying I definitely don't drink enough. I try to tell myself to, but I just don't.

    Water, water, and water. Although sometimes I do a 1:1 gatorade:water mixture in one of my bottles. But I'm normally craving water and can't stand when I only have the gatorade mixture left. Not sure why that is.

    1-4 miles: Usually nothing. I don't like to carry anything on short runs.
    5-6 miles: 1 fuel belt flask of water in my hand.
    7-10 miles: 2 fuel belt flasks of water on a fuel belt.
    10+ miles: 4 fuel belt flasks of water with one of them maybe being a gatorade mixture. Or if it's a half marathon and there are water stops, I'll just do 2 flasks and quickly fill them up at a water stop if I run out. The less weight around my hips the better.

    With a full marathon I'll definitely carry all 4. I don't trust water stops that much and always want to drink when and where I want to drink. :)

  3. i don't usually drink anything on shorter runs either, and just hydrate well before and after. I have to drink a lot these days, well, try to drink a lot, as I am nursing, and calories and fluids are super important. i'm not nearly as diligent as I should be though. 5-6 miles, I don't usually take anything either, but will sometimes stop at a water fountain, or get a little creative and drink from the sprinklers that are going (is that gross by the way? i've never really thought so, but just curious what others think)

    I just got a fuel belt, and am still getting used to it, and am actually not really sure how I feel about it, but on longer runs, I usually do half water and half G2 (gatorade w/ fewer calories... it just tastes better to me). I am not really a fan of drinking gatorade or flavored drinks when I run, as they are not as satisfying for my mouth, if that makes sense, it leaves a bad taste and feeling in my mouth, but it is necessary, so I drink it.

    i got the fuel belt because i know i need to be better at staying hydrated, so we will see how if our relationship improves over time.

  4. I live in New England, so the heat is not often a problem, although we have our moments. I tend to not need anything until after 75 minutes, except in hard efforts, so here are my responses:

    1-4: Before and after only.
    5-6: Before and after, but I took 2 fuel belt bottles today during a hard 6-miler.
    7-10: All 4 fuel belt bottles with water, and shot bloks @ 45 and 75 minutes.
    10+: 2 bottles water, 2 powerade & shot bloks.

    It's probably most important to know what works best for you, and adapt as necessary. Rock on!