Wednesday, August 20, 2008

back in the swing of things, after the vacation

while i was out on vacation in china, my running routine took a back seat for a few reasons. a) we walked everywhere in china b) we were exhausted after walking everywhere in china c) the pollution was everywhere in china. excuses, excuses. does that make me a total slacker?

i've always had a hard time running while on vacation, not just while i was in china. my brain and body just scream for a break. mom's cookies, sleeping in, long days on the beach, and later bed times don't help either.

as new york draws nearer (73 days) my training schedule sits on my cork board in the kitchen as a visual reminder to get my butt back in gear. but i'm struggling. i'm exhausted. 14 miles calls this weekend, but has nothing compared to what my sweet, sweet pillow has to offer.

so, if your body is telling you to "recover" (maybe it is, maybe it isn't), do you listen? or do you continue that running schedule that is waiting for you the moment you get home from vacation? (or you do ever take that vacation break?) do you sacrifice a day (or two) to rest or run? i can't decide whether i just need to buck up and be a big girl or give myself a few more days.


  1. Hard call. I would say give yourself a few days. Your body is still recovering from being thrown for a time-zone loop.

    I think you should keep doing short runs, do a long run this weekend, but not 14 miles. Then adjust your training accordingly. If you skip the 14-miler and do a 10-miler instead and then pick up the schedule again at 16 miles, will it really make that big of a difference? To a beginner it might, but you've done this tons of times and I think the body remembers. But that's just me. :)

  2. i agree with molly, especially because of the time change, and the fact that you have done this many times, i think a shorter run this weekend won't make a big difference. but like she said, i would still run. getting out and doing some moderate exercise can only help.

  3. agreed. you need rest. do a 6-8 miler this weekend and pick it up next week.