Tuesday, September 2, 2008

dear driver of car:

i know you think you're being nice, but you're not. you're only being stupid. all i ask is that you pay attention to and obey the traffic laws. i promise i will do the same.

the problem is: when you see me coming, for some very strange reason, you panic. maybe you think i'm going to dart out in front of you. maybe you thought that you stopping in the middle of a very busy road when you have the right-of-way was a good idea. it wasn't. in fact, it was a very BAD idea.

i won't run until the little white man on the light post tells me i can run. i promise. you shouldn't stop and wave me one when lots of other cars are waiting for you. they're not waiting for me...i'm not running! however, when you stop, it makes ME look like the idiot when, in fact, YOU are the idiot. so please, please, please: just obey those laws you learned in driver education class so many years ago. i promise to do the same.


  1. haha. oh the joys of running in urban-dom.

  2. Oh, I could not agree more!! Same goes when you're on a bike. Everyone thinks they need to stop for you (oh, except the people who think they need to run you over). And by then you've slowed to a near-stop and have to click out when if they had just kept going, it would have all been just perfect! Grrrrrr.

  3. stupid drivers at stanford ...... i tell you, molly!!

  4. i LOVED this. i've thought this SO many times. thanks for articulating it so well.