Wednesday, September 3, 2008

a few small triumphs

this past week resulted in a few small triumphs i had to share.

last saturday i was slated to run 16 miles. count them. 16 big ones. cold turkey, to boot. after my last post i decided to sleep, sleep and sleep that entire week we came home from china. i didn't run at all. that following monday i ran 2 miles (felt horrible) and then on wednesday i ran 6 miles (felt horrible). so the 16 miles on saturday felt daunting to say the least.

i resigned myself to the fact that i was just going to suffer through the 16 miler. it was going to suck, but i was going to do it. no matter what. i had to get back on track for ny. i popped in my ipod and away i went into the humid, 75 degree air. as always, miles 1-4 were a little rough trying to get in the groove, but after that my body just relaxed. 5-16 were cake. who'd a thunk?!? the trail was beautiful, i let go of my brain, and i just ran. totally unexpected. it was like my body hadn't forgotten what it was like to put out that kind of mileage. i felt like a million bucks.

triumph no. 2: it dropped below 70 degrees in cary tuesday morning. it felt fabulous to run 7 miles in 65 degrees. mmmmmmmwah, autumn. i cannot wait to run some more in your crisp morning air and cool breezes.

i think i'm ready. ready to get back into the mental and physical game it is to run a marathon. bring it on, ny. bring it on.


  1. So funny that you should mention that! Rebecca and I ran 12 on Saturday and felt absolutely great. Which I think surprised both of us. I was only going to run 10 (already 2 miles more than my training scheduled had called for), but we went 12. Your body does not forget! We were so proud of ourselves. And I'm so proud of you!

  2. way to go molly and rebecca! that is fantastic. isn't is the best?! it's honestly why i run. you get to feel like a rockstar. :)

  3. yes! i love those kind of runs. yay, for julia, molly & rebecca!

    and congrats on the cooler weather. i think if i lived in a place like you... i just wouldn't run. yuck.

  4. it's definitely a challenge, whitney. that's for sure. it was a rough summer. i think just like anything though, what doesn't kill you makes you a better runner. ha!! we'll see if that's true in NY in a few months.

    i definitely was SPOILED in CA. weather there is to die for. i miss it.

  5. Awesome long have you been running? I want to run over four miles and then it come easy..I'm not there yet...I read all of your posts and I'm jealous..I want to go out in the mornings and run and run and run...

  6. hey emma! i've been running for almost 5 years now. before that, i HATED running. it was punishment for sports training in high school, etc. etc.

    four easy miles WILL come, for sure. it's such a good question, let's make it a post and see what everyone has to say .....