Friday, February 13, 2009

What I have learned about running in Manhattan...

... is that there is no such thing as a flat run. Honestly, the only flat place to run (that I know of) is the Jackie Onassis running track in Central Park, and unfortunately, it's a little on the icy side right now, and seeing as how I'd rather not break my ankle, I steer clear. For some reason, I thought that NY would be super flat, but I was wrong. Oh well. I know it will only make me stronger. I love hills for this reason, as well as the fact that it forces me into this super focused groove, where I feel like I could go on forever. But... they are tough. It makes me a little nervous to think that all of my long runs will be filled with consistent rolling hills, and some of those hills in Central Park are long and brutal. Well, I guess if I can run 20 miles on rolling hills, I should be able to do reasonably well running 26.2 miles on a mostly flat course.

I have also learned that really cold weather + hills = tight calves and shin splints. As a result, I have become a stretching fool. But as a reward for all my stretching, I get my 2 and a half year old asking me, when I walk in the door from a run, "mommy's gonna stretch?" He then proceeds to stretch with me. It's pretty darn cute. Something else I have learned about running in the cold, is that when you run outside in literally freezing weather for an hour, the heat in your body from the run only lasts for about 5 minutes after you finish, and then after that, your core temperature drops really fast until you find yourself chilled to the bone and shivering in your warm house, and you have to take a really long, HOT bath to warm up again. Also, if you don't have warm running tights, your butt is never warm.

But on the plus side... it is beautiful. Living in NY is still very surreal to me, so being able to run through Riverside Park and Central Park, or along beautiful neighborhood streets, is so awesome. Everywhere looks like something you would see in a movie, and I love it. Running in NY makes me feel like I am a part of something, even though I'm really not. But, just the same, it is so cool to run through the city and think that I get to call this place home.

Anyway... so there you go... some nice random facts about running in NY, just in case you were planning on coming to visit sometime soon! ;) In which case, I should tell you about some cool races coming up...

The Long Island Marathon, on May 3rd, which also has a half marathon at the same time. (This is the Marathon that I am doing)
and the More Magazine half Marathon, on April 26th, which is an all women's race. It's a really popular race and is supposed to be super fun.


  1. What a great post! I had no idea it was hilly there. And I know what you mean about being cold 5 minutes after walking in the door. It's not even that cold here, but after a run or a bike ride in cold weather, all the warmth is immediately zapped out of me. Make sure you plug up the drain and let the hot water cover your feet completely while you shower. My body warms up fastest that way.

  2. Morgan, I envy you so much and I also have so much respect for you. You're a busy mom with so much going on, in a FREEZING COLD place, pounding the pavement with the best of them. Seriously. You rock. I may just come up and run that marathon with you!!

    Awesome post. Stay warm.

  3. This was awesome to read. It's not cold where I live (compared to you) but have had issues with the shins and calves with the cold. I thought I was doing something wrong so thanks for letting me know I just need to keep at the stretching.