Friday, February 20, 2009

Holy Crap That's Cute

Perusing the web this morning and found this. A little expensive? Probably. Super cute, yes?

So I want to know if anyone's found some cute running stuff lately ... I'm feeling the urge to update my workout wardrobe. :)

2.24.09 UPDATE from IVEE (they sent me an email):

At a glance, IVEE products might look more pricy than some other sportswear brands. However, IVEE is made with premium Supplex/Lycra, which has a soft cotton feel, but offers quick wicking feature and form fitting at the same time. Compare to garments made with cheaper fabrics, such as cotton, polyester or nylon, IVEE apparels will still look new after many washes and stay in your wardrobe longer. And most of all, we are dedicated to create fashionable and elegant styles that be sure to make you stand out whether you are running on the road or training in the gym.

So there you go!

They're offering 10% off online orders right now ... use the code HW34.


  1. that is DARLING. i wonder how supportive it is??? i usually have to wear another bra underneath and that wouldn't really work with this one. but i love it.

  2. That IS really cute! Maybe best for a yoga top? So cute.

  3. Oh, and I have not purchased any new running clothing since we did Cal and got green and red tops! No joke. That's over a year ago. If you can think of anything I purchased between then and now, please tell me ASAP, because I'm starting to feel a bit depressed about my running wardrobe. Hahaha.

  4. that is really cute. i am terribly cheap and have a hard time justifying purchases, even when they are necessary, so i haven't bought new running clothes in forever. maybe when it warms up a bit i will. this shirt is inspiring me!

  5. So cute. I dream of the day when I can wear something like that...but maybe that's my problem? I need to stop dreaming and start doing.

  6. A little expensive??? A LOT expensive!! But it sure is a cute top.