Saturday, March 28, 2009

HATE the treadmill, LOVE swim-caps!

I have been slowly starting back into running on the treadmill, and so far so good. Oh, except for the fact that I absolutely loathe running on the treadmill. Today, I was going to do 5 miles, but by 2.5 miles, I felt like I was suffocating from it being so hot and stuffy in the gym, with no air circulation whatsoever. I honestly could hardly breathe. So I only did 3. I honestly don't know how people can run so much on treadmills. I wish I could, because it's very convenient for when it's dark, but alas... But the good news is that my knee felt great. I still took it pretty easy, as this is only my third run, but I am feeling very optimistic! I am planning on going to get fit for new shoes (I don't know how happy I am with my Mizunos) on Tuesday, and after I get them, I think I will attempt an outdoor run.

On another positive note... I have also been swimming to help stay in shape, which I really enjoy. I don't usually wear a swim-cap while doing laps, just because I was too lazy to buy one, but since I have one from the triathlon we did, I decided to use it today. Can I just tell you how awesome those things are?! No water in your ears, smooth, aerodynamic movement through the water, and on top of all that, it creates a nice quiet atmosphere to swim in. I know that's a lot of praise to give a little swim-cap, but I tell you, it deserves every word of it. I really had the most enjoyable swim today that I have had in a long time. Plus, it keeps your hair from getting all damaged from the chlorine. Try one, you will not regret it.


  1. I remember I felt like SUCH a geek the first time I put on a swim cap. But you are right, they ROCK! They make me feel official when I go for swims.

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that your knee is feeling better. So happy. And I can ABSOLUTELY agree that treadmills S.U.C.K. I hate them too.

    Happy running and swimming!!!!

  2. I was supposed to go swim laps tonight (for the first time in probably half a year) but I totally kinked my neck somehow on Saturday night and there's no way I can swim with a messed up neck. Sad! But you made me excited to go do it when my neck is all better!

    PS--I have NEVER been able to do more than 30 minutes on a treadmill. I'm completely incapable.