Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Where I Learned To Run

Yep, this little trail. Steven's Creek Trail in Mountain View, CA. I'm traveling 2,800 miles this weekend to visit it and run it and love it. My first memories of this trail were with Jeni in 2004. We'd wake up early or wait till 5 in the afternoon to huff our way up and down the trail grinning from ear to ear after a great 3 miler or 4 miler. Then our runs became 5 milers and 6 milers, and the trail unfolded for us even more taking us out to the bay and back. Ah, I love this trail. I've spent long hours with dear friends on cold mornings, rainy afternoons, fiery evenings, and everything in between. So yes, I love this trail and I can't wait to see it again this Saturday.

Where was your first run?


  1. That looks like a beautiful trail. Hmmm, lets see. I think my first (serious) run was probably a 2 or 3 miler up and down 9th east in provo. I remember that route used to be so brutal because it is a gradual uphill for a mile and a half. The turn around point could never come fast enough for me! I feel confident in saying that I have come a long way since then. Now that I think about it, my first pretend running (maren) was down 9th east too. good old provo.

    have fun in CA!

  2. Technically my first "run" was around Stanford Campus for our first TNT practice. I thought I was going to die. I'm pretty sure it was only one mile. Hahahaha.

    But yes, Steven's Creek, Rancho, Sawyer, and Los Gatos will always be my home base.

  3. sad you didn't make it back onto the trail this week, julia. we missed you!!

    I think my first run was with morg in provo on 9th east and then on 7th north over to my cousin rach's apartment. we got so tired that rach had to drive us home sometimes. we've come a long way. :)