Wednesday, February 13, 2008

alright maren, it's on

i'd be willing to bet that if you asked any of my girlfriends that i run with, they'd say that i was one of the more competitive people they know. (maybe an understatement?) but i submit that a little healthy competition is great for your running.

competition within my running has manifested itself in many ways. i compete for better times during races, i compete with my girlfriends during a tough track workout, i struggle with my mind trying to beat the negativity i sometimes feel during a hard push (or an easy mile!), and i even compete to better my time during a routine 4 miler around the neighborhood.

maren and i have shared a little healthy competition the past month or so in nike plus land with different challenges like fastest 5K by the end of february, or most miles my mid march. man, she cranked out a pretty crazy fast 5K! it is on maren, it is on! :)

the etymology for competition is the latin root "competere" which means to seek together or to strive together. i think adding a little competition to routine runs can help anyone work towards your goals.

my nikeid is jularun7 if you want to join the fun.


  1. in speed I may not be able to keep up, but this may be just the motivation I need to get my butt out the door!!!

  2. I might need to go get a nano so I can join in on this. We can't even find out old mini. It just disappeared one day. iPodless. That's what we are.

  3. thank heaven for those nixons! :)