Sunday, February 17, 2008

salt lake half training: week one

training for the salt lake half marathon has begun, and week one was pretty good. the week consisted of an interval run on monday, cross training on tuesday, easy run on wednesday, tempo run on thursday, and a 10 miler on saturday.

i really appreciated the structure this training schedule gave me this week. every day had a purpose with "something" to check off the list.

reflecting on the runs this week i was reminded of two things: 1) take easy runs easy and 2) treadmills suck, trails rule. wednesday was supposed to be an "easy" run, but maren had posted an awesome 5K time on nikeplus, so i had to at least try and answer her time. (i'm still behind her by at least 2 minutes!) consequently, my tempo run on thursday suffered. also, all of my runs were on the treadmill this week, with the exception of saturday. saturday jona and i headed to umstead park in cary (for those of you in the bay area, imagine a bigger rancho san antonio). it was such a refreshing run. i love being outside and breathing (hard) in the fresh air. this was a hilly course, and we both finished really strong. the reason? hard work doing intervals and tempo runs during the week, and not eating junk food. it's an amazing formula.

monday will begin a new week. harder interval and tempo schedule. bring it on. have an awesome week running.


  1. Okay so how do you train in the snow? I would love to give a half a try. What are your tips?

  2. I think I would just stop running completely if I had to run on treadmills. I never last more than 20 minutes. Yet I know people who can run on them for hours. I guess headphones and a good show on TV probably helps.

  3. So sad. I'm registered for it, but my friend decided to get married that morning. :-(

  4. I agree- running on a treadmill sucks! I'm doing the SLC 1/2 as well. See ya there!

  5. molly, how is your half marathon training for santa cruz going?