Wednesday, March 26, 2008


what do you think about when you run? is running a time for you to really "work things out"? or is it a time to just "let go" and run? i struggle with "working things out" when i run. i'd really like to be able to use the time i'm out to listen to my thoughts, work through them, and feel cleansed on some level after i'm done. my reality is that my thoughts come and go as fleeting ideas and then my mind is on to the next thing. i am distracted by many things when i run: i worry how fast i'm going, why that kid can't control his bike and is veering onto my side of the trail, did i remember to email that client, what lap am i on, my lungs burn, wrong music track, how is my nike+ doing today? is it off by much? i wish i were running with my girls. i wonder how salt lake is going to turn out? is maggie ok? you get the picture.

my goal is to eventually achieve some sort control ... think when i want to, and don't think when i don't want to. when i'm not thinking i just want to be able to breathe, feel the air, and just let go. maybe it's just not my personality. who knows?


  1. sometimes i am able to think really clearly about things... organizing and prioritizing things in my head, thinking of new projects/ideas for myself and kids, how to be a better wife and mom, etc. but other times, i'm too exhausted to think, so i just let my mind wander lazily, and it is similar to what you said, i think about how fast i am going, how i want to stop, what a beautiful day it is, etc etc.

    i think there is definitely benefit to both!

  2. I don't think about anything. I have those same thoughts. I'm tired, my lungs are burning, oops I've totally slowed down, wow I want abs like that girl. Yep, that's about all that goes on in my mind. Usually I get one line of a song stuck in my head and I can repeat that line for 12 miles. No joke. It's kind of lame.

    I wish I were one of those people who worked through their life while they were running. No such luck. In fact, I wonder about those people who can actually think about things. Does it take effort?

  3. i'm beginning to think it's a conscious effort you know? you have to focus on your thoughts and be careful to think slowly while thinking ...
    and then if you don't want to think, i will more than likely have to visualize and imagine not thinking. i know it sounds weird.

  4. for me it's all about the music. when i was younger, I used to actually just listen to music as an activity - listen to the words and the stories and be inspired by them or just entertained. Now that I'm a mom, full-time worker out of the home, wife, etc. etc.., music rarely gets that space in my life. Running has given it back to me. So I don't really think much, I just listen and imagine. But my thoughts do go back and forth from the music world to the physical/mental piece of running, which is "i think i'm going to, you're not, push through it...i need a better song right now...that's better...i can't breathe...take your time, watch your breathing..." You get the idea. Either way, the time i spend running is PRECIOUS AND IRREPLACEABLE!

  5. Unfortunately I usually think about my problems. I know that may be a nice way to work things out for some people, but lately I think I'm using my running sessions as complaining sessions. It's nice to get the help from people and different ideas in how to handle certain situations, but when it becomes complaining/venting only...I need to work on that. Overall, it's time to start being more kind to everyone.