Friday, April 4, 2008

our new mascot

i have decided to make my little maggie the official "Love to Run" mascot. maggie's running story begins about six weeks ago when we took her out for her first 3 mile run on a cool, sunny afternoon. she started out like a champ, and after about 15 minutes of running - she was DONE. i had to pull on her leash just to keep up a slight jog. at a check up, the vet was examining our little pooch and made the comment that we had (and i quote) "a naturally good running dog". apparently she's quite muscular and built well for running. so over the next month we slowly worked with her to increase her mileage. each run she ran just a bit further.

and this morning, triumphantly she completed her first 5K without a hitch. there was a skip in her step and her tail was waggin'. she loved it. i've never seen her so happy as this morning when she got out in the misty air for a run with her jula and jona. way to go, magpie! :)

have a great weekend everyone. hope you all have fantastic runs and that we get to hear all about them next week.



  1. that is so awesome! i guess it would make sense that a dog would have to build up it's mileage as well! that will be so nice for you to be able to take her on runs, and for her too!!

  2. Your mascot is adorable! Maybe someday... maybe... when the kids are all grown ... I'll have to get a short, hairy running buddy.

    I once ran a marathon and this guy had his dog running with him. The ENTIRE marathon! He said he did it all the time!

  3. that's amazing! a dog running 26.2? i'm sure maggie would DIE!!! :) she's pretty adorable, though. we ran again this morning and NO problem. just a little bit further everytime, i guess.