Saturday, April 26, 2008

Need some new running music??

I don't always listen to music when I run, but when I do, I want it to serve a purpose, and that purpose is usually to get my rear in gear. The other day, as I was heading out the door for my first post baby 3 miler (woo-hoo), I was borrowing my husband's ipod, (as mine wasn't charged), and the first song that came on got me instantly pumped and inspired... I didn't even feel like doing my normal warm-up walk, I was ready to run! I just love it when a song does that for me. It's the kind of song that just makes you want to run, so I thought I would share it with you all. It is called 10,000 Lakes, from the new RS&RB album, which is not yet released, so this may technically be an illegal copy. It's ok though, my BIL is the drummer, and he is the one who gave us the tracks, so I'll just blame him if I get in trouble! ;) Make sure to listen to the whole thing, as the end is the best. If you are into intricacies of music, pay attention to what the individual instruments are doing at the very end... so cool!  Let me know what you all think.

So, I swear I am not trying to create a sentimental moment with this montage. But I am challenged in many things, and one of them, apparently, is being able to find a music player that would let me upload a song from my itunes library. I'm sure there is one, but I'm retarded, so oh well. I knew I would be able to with one true media, so I just decided to do a "running" montage with pictures from the SLC and Ogden marathons. If you want, you can just hit play, and then just listen to the music and not look at the pictures, what ever suits you! ;) 

Now can't you just see yourself running, or better yet, FINISHING a marathon to this song?! Love it!


  1. Ya! That was awesome! I never realized how much I depend on music to get my spirits up and keep me going. This morning I forgot my ipod and the 6 miles felt like forever. But hey, 6 miles! Woo hoo!

  2. um, love that new song! i totally started crying watching your marathon finish to that song.

  3. what a great montage, morgan. thanks so much for the share. music is so essential for me when i run, too. especially now that i run by myself a ton. me and my ipod - BFF!