Tuesday, October 14, 2008

first lady of the marathon

Check out Paula Radcliffe's impressive record:

  • World record for the marathon: 2:15:25
  • World record for the 10K: 30:21
  • Half Marathon: 1:05:40
  • 17 Olympic medals, 9 gold medals

The rest can be found here. Her races are so inspirational, and her perseverance despite her injuries keep me motivated.

I will be thinking of her running ahead of me on race day in New York on November 2nd. If that's not inspiration, to be able run the same course as her, then I don't know what is. Now if I could only meet her ... :)


  1. Paula is the bomb!
    2:15 marathon!!! WOW!!
    That's barely over a 5 min/mile for a full marathon..

  2. BTW, you have a incredible talent for photography..

  3. That's what I look like in my running outfit, too.