Wednesday, October 1, 2008

strategies for success

we all live very busy lives and have many things that demand our precious time. and yet, we still choose to run, despite the busyness and chaos.

for the past two weeks i have had a problem "choosing to run". gasp. with new demands on my schedule i've found myself sleeping less, and feeling more stressed, which results in missed morning runs. and forget trying to run after work. i feel like a zombie after staring at a computer for ten hours a day.

i know this is a choice. i choose not to run even though i'm tired. this is the part that drives me nuts. why can't i get my butt out of bed in the morning? why can't i lace up my running shoes after work and go out for a quick run?

so i'd like to know how you do it. i'm in an adjustment period right now (and being a total wimp) and need a little pep talk.


  1. that's a good question... i've been struggling a little with the same thing lately, especially right now with being pregnant. maybe it's the thought of me getting fatter and fatter by the day or feeling really crappy and sick all day long if i don't start my day with a run that helps get me out the door. but i know meeting the girls to run helps the most. do you ever run with anyone? or maybe you should get to bed an hour earlier... or maybe you should keep the website for the new york city marathon bookmarked and get really stoked about it again, so it will help motivate you to do your morning training runs... try to remember all the reasons why you run and why you love it, type them out so you can remind yourself in the morning. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  2. It is nice to know that I am not the only one that struggles with motivation to run. It haunts me almost daily. I wish I too had a good answer
    , but I don't.
    We all just get out there and do it.
    I also think that when we run a schedule, it is hard motivationally; whereas running without a sched and for fun makes it more enjoyable. Sometimes running can be like going to work. You just don't want to do it some days...

  3. i can't wait to read everyone's comments on this one. I have been struggling big time since I moved. I actually haven't been running once since I have moved to NY, and I am really sad about it. I actually really want to get out there, but it is too dark in the mornings to go by myself and i don't know anyone else who runs yet. then when nate comes home at night, it's already too dark. i'm still crossing my fingers that i will find someone to run with soon. that really is what helps me with motivation too, having someone that i am supposed to be meeting, and not being able to let them down, then I am always so glad that i started my day early, as the day goes so much better. i need to try and remember that in the wee hours when my alarm clock goes off!! ;)

    whit's idea about trying to get stoked for NY again sounds like a good one. that always helped me with the ogden marathon, i would go look at pictures of the race route.

  4. whit: you are genius. i'm putting a countdown on the blog, another motivational poster up next to my bed and looking at the course. you're right. keep my eye on the prize.

    dave: you are also right. i am VERY much looking forward to running without a schedule again. after november 2! phew.

    morgan: let's go together in NY while we're there, yes? i actually emailed a girl in my ward this week to get my butt up tomorrow morning at 615. that'll do the trick for now!

  5. I was going through the blahs a bit last month. I realized I've missed a lot of road races this year due to injuries early on in the year, and now training for the half marathon (had orginally thought I'd do a full, but changed my mind). I enjoy road races a lot---race day is fun, and I love the anticipation and training that goes with more frequent road races. So, I up and signed up for the Magnificent Mile, which already happened, and have the Autism Ribbon Run coming up next week. That one will probably just be a training run rather than a race for me, as I need to get more miles in, but I can't wait to "get back into the race." I ran the Autism RR two years ago, and was really inspired by some of the people participating. I'd been all worried that I might finish last again (this was my second 5K, and I had been the last one to finish in my first 5K), but after returning to the finish line to help cheer the people coming in behind me in, I realized I needed to just get over myself!

    Another fun idea I saw recently was to wear something fun when you go out to run, like a funky cap, or a cool-colored bandana, something that makes you and/or other people smile.

  6. Reading your blog is motivation enough for me!

  7. I, too, am glad to know I'm not the only one who has this problem!

    I didn't "choose to run" enough while I was training for St George and consequently had to drop out. Man, there's nothing like that kind of failure to get me motivated for my next race! It's not a strategy I suggest though ;)

    But, I find that telling people about my training runs really helps- they always check up on how it went and how running is going in general, even if they're not runners. So I tell everyone about my running!

  8. that makes a lot of sense! check ins with your friends DEFINITELY helps!!!!