Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nutrition Tips

Ya, I don't know about that gummy candy (Maren, Molly ... back me up on this) but this is an awesome video from Runner's World. But really, I could probably cut back on the gummy bears. Seriously. :)

Now only if my tummy looked like this ... v


  1. There is NO reason to cut back on gummy bears. I'm ashamed of you! That's why I run: so I can eat gummy bears. But increasing the good stuff is probably a good idea.


    I'm sorry, but replacing gummy candies with raisins is the most absurd thing I've ever heard. Gummy candies are heaven. Raisins are disgusting.

    I say base your meals around vegetables...and then eat your gummy candies. :)

  3. i totally hear you on that molly. totally hear you on that. i am absolutely that girl who binges though. if only i could not ................

    veggies do rule though. spinach is my fave.