Wednesday, January 7, 2009


It's always hard for me to think about New Year's resolutions, because I hate the thought of breaking them. So in my own twisted way, I just "resolve" to do better, write down some goals, and not kick myself if I don't accomplish everything on that list. I then try to make smaller goals throughout the year and hopefully the outcome is that I'm better in 2009 then I was in 2008. Cop out? Maybe.

So for 2009, I'd like to be a better runner, naturally. I'd like to be more consistent. Stronger. Faster. My first step towards accomplishing that goal is to sign up for a few races. I've also resolved to work out six days a week. Doesn't necessarily mean running six days a week, but I'm making sure that I do something active six days a week. We'll see. Maybe putting it down here on the blog will give me more accountability.

How about you? What's 2009 going to hold for you?


  1. Not a cop out. A healthy, brilliant way to look at improving yourself.

    My resolutions:
    Be healthier (prepare healthier meals for me and my fam)...and more complete meals at that. I'm queen of one dish meals with no side dishes. hmmm...that will change this year.

    Stronger runner as well. Run 3x/week with strength training and stretching on the off days (at least 2x/week).

  2. I'm just starting to get into running (your blog is really inspiring by the way) so I want to run more and build up my mileage and I also want to workout six days a week!

  3. I have resolved to eat WAY more vegetables (as in make veggies and fruit the majority of what I eat) and cross train (gym, biking, Jillian Michaels workouts) at least twice a week. Running just isn't cutting it. Have to mix it up a bit. But I made this resolution before the new year started. Does that mean I'm less likely to break it? :)

  4. i think so, molly!

    so tell me more about jillian? did you get some of her stuff online?

  5. I got her Front Side and Back Side DVDs. Although a friend of mine has her 30-Day Shred DVDs and I'm going to recommend those. The DVD comes with 3 levels, and I hear the first level is hard. I'd be scared to see levels 2 and 3.

  6. i might just have to go pick those up. is it ok that i am a little obsessed with her?

    do you just get them online?

  7. I like that: resolving to do better.