Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shin Splints

Amrick1409: Do you have any advice for shin splints or pain in the knees??

MollyAuf: Julia and I both had shin splints back in the day. Our coach would make us walk the first 5 minutes of our runs in order to warm up. We didn't like that but did it anyway. Hahaha. So definitely warm up, and stretch your calves A LOT. Tight calves can lead to shin splints. And for your knee pain, it can be a million different things, but I say keep your quads, IT band, and hamstrings well stretched (stretch after they are warm). That will do wonders. Yoga helps a lot, too.

Julia: ditto molly! those are all things i would recommend.i also completely got rid of shin splints when i switched to new shoes with proper support. and STREEEEEEETCH. ;)

*As always, please see a professional!

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  1. Thanks so much!! You're right, I definitely need to warm up for longer :S