Friday, January 16, 2009

Spin Class

Tuesday evening meant spin class this week and I went super early to make sure I got a seat. The gym has been C.R.A.Z.Y. these last few weeks with everyone and their New Year's Resolutions attending the gym. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that everyone is working hard and getting in shape, but man, I'd like a parking spot, k?

So I'm in line to get into the class, the door opens and in we all go. I'm a second row kinda girl so I grab my spot, set my seat and handle bars, throw my towel across the front of the spin bike, and start warming up with about 10 minutes to go before class started.

So in walks these two little girls, and by little I mean little. I shall call them Blondie (B) and Miss Brunette (MB). There's an age restriction of 12 years in order to be upstairs so I'll assume they turned 12 that day. B and MB were decked in their Pearl Izumi spandex and clipless cleats, ready to go. And when I say ready to go, I really mean ready to go. By the time class had started B (who sat next to me) was already dripping sweat onto the hardwoods. I was honestly impressed.

20 minutes into the class, the instructor announces that we're going to climb. Climb, climb, climb. This is after 10 minutes up out of our seats at a pretty intense level, which I assumed was a pretty awful climb. Apparently not. So this climb required that the weight got progressively heavier equalling four full turns from where we already were. I'm cursing the instructor silently as I watch B turn the weight dial all the way around ... twice. Her little frame struggled as she pushed all of her weight to get the pedal around one revolution. GEEZ.

The class continued and I finally got into a rhythm. B and MB sailed their way all the way through the class. I was just amazed at the athletic grit these two little girls had at such a young age.

As frosting on the cake, after the class finished I went downstairs to pick up my sweatshirt and car keys in the women's locker room, and who did I see waltzing her way down to the pool in her TYR swimsuit, swim cap and goggles? That's right. MB.

Jona and I talk all the time about how our kids are going to be ATHLETES. After Tuesday night, I think no differently. While some may think otherwise, I think those girls have been given such a gift. For the rest of their lives I can imagine that they'll be lean and healthy, strong and happy. I was certainly inspired.

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