Tuesday, May 20, 2008

for you nike+ geeks

joan benoit samuelson, the first woman to ever win an olympic marathon has now released a workout and training mix through iTunes. i've used these types of workouts in the past (i've purchased ok go's workout and a few of nike's workouts with alberto salazar) but this one caught my eye with this description:

Iconic marathoner Joan Benoit Samuelson shared the strategies she's learned throughout her storied career in this 30-minute running workout. Joan clues runners in to the importance of releasing tension where you don't need it, proper breathing technique, and using abdominal strength to land lighter on your feet.

after kaylynn's awesome post, this just might be the ticket to helping you with some form during your next training run. thought i'd pass it along. for more info on the workout, click here.

so do you any of use coached workouts through your mp3 player, or music at all? or do you do without?


  1. what a great idea to have a coached workout! i have never done that before, but i definitely love to run to my tunes... that is, if i don't have fun girls to run with. :)

  2. Ok, I know I really really need to get my butt in gear and start using these Nike+ workouts. Can you believe I have never used one? I've been so lazy lately. No, I'm not pregnant. Just lazy. Hahahaha. I'll download a couple workouts and try them out in Tahoe this weekend. Ooh, I'll get my sister to download the same ones and we'll do them together.

  3. i saw that on iTunes yesterday and it looked interesting.

    i have awful running posture, as i'm sure you all know (and as is seen in the picture of us at the marathon...). it's something i try to think about when i run and it workes for about 10 seconds before i'm thinking about something else and hunching over. my back and shoulders are what slowed me down in SL and i know it's because of my posture. help, please!

  4. This is the first one I have actually been interested in...great tunes for sure and I think her coaching would be really helpful. I carry a lot of stress in my shoulders and neck. It's really bad, so I'm interested to see if the coaching during the run will help me think through the run better. I hope so!

    My husband has the Crystal Method (which makes my head want to explode) and Hives (trying to get him to pass it on to me...) but there's no coaching in those. He loves them though.

    Hooray for Tahoe! We might be there this weekend too!

  5. Hi lisamarie! Really? Where in Tahoe will you be? We'll be on the West Shore in Tahoma.

  6. We're headed to Squaw Valley to celebrate our 10 year anniversary! (Ikm super old!). Hope you have a great time!