Thursday, May 29, 2008

love to run side note: GET SOME SLEEP

i am so flippin' tired! and yes, for those wondering, i am not going to bed at a reasonable hour.
it is SUCH a bad habit! well, and combine that with a lot of driving and no sleep over the weekend and then no sleep for the week - MAN! my body just won't give anything to me during my runs this week. mental note: SLEEP!


  1. i was just thinking that last night and this morning as i was planning on running this morning, but i am just WASTED!! so instead, my husband let me go back to bed for 3 hours. oh well, i figure the run probably just would have fatigued me even more. i think running helps you feel better on less sleep normally, but when you are getting an unhealthy amount of sleep, i think it probably just aggravates the situation!

    so instead, i am going to go on a bike ride with my 2 kiddies today with my new bike trailer!!!

  2. how fun to get on that bike with your kids morgan!! you are right, no sleep and running just aggravates the problem and that is definitely where i am right now!