Wednesday, May 7, 2008


the website that featured us* on their wellmix 360 half marathon page has a new alternative to finding out what you're eating while you're eating out. wellternatives offers nutrition information at your fingertips online. and while you're on the go, a simple text message can give you instant nutrition information, as well as a possible better food alternative at the restaurant. just found out that my favorite burrito at chipotle has 30 grams of fat, 889 calories, and 100 grams of carbs. phew! that's half my food intake for the day!

*not a paid endorsement! just love the site!


  1. what a great resource! i'm definitely going to take advantage of that.

  2. Our medical student's husband is the co-founder of wellsphere. Pretty cool, huh? Glad they have a nutrition page now!