Friday, May 23, 2008

power of the schedule

alright kiddies, "operation cross train", while still on the brain, was not executed really at all this week. it points out two things: 1) i really love to run because instead of cross training, i ran a lot this week and 2) i need something to tell me what to do - a schedule if you will.

over the last four years, i've never had a set weekly running schedule. the only real planning was for long runs on the weekend, which were done out of necessity to plan for marathons, tapering, etc. the first time i had a weekly detailed schedule that included tempo runs, set interval workouts, and designated easy/long runs was this april, when i ran the salt lake half marathon. this detailed schedule gave me a goal everyday. it gave me motivation to get my butt out the door everyday because i had a workout with a purpose. it was incredibly fulfilling to "check off" each workout for 10 weeks and work towards a larger goal.

so now i'm addicted. i stayed up late on wednesday night watching the dog whisperer and drafting a detailed schedule for my next six weeks of cross training. then, i'm taking on an entirely new marathon training schedule, which i'll post about soon.

while a fitness/running schedule doesn't need to be intense (or maybe it should be for you?) draft something up for the week and check 'em off when you're done. it might just become your new obsession. i'm hooked ...


  1. I work best on peer pressure. I can make myself chart after chart and schedule after schedule, but what really makes me stick to a plan is having someone else depending on me. I flaked on a Saturday run at the beginning of this month with Maren, Kristen, Whitney, and Lindsay because I was out too late on that night ride. And it occurred to me that it was the first Saturday run I have EVER flaked on since Julia got me running almost 4 years ago. And I realized I don't think I ever flaked on a track workout. I'm totally a peer pressure kind of girl. If someone is meeting me for a run--I will be there. Maybe 10 minutes late, but I'll be there ready to run. But lately I haven't been setting up runs with anyone, so I've been a total lazy butt. Hahaha.

  2. Or at least with my bad memory, I think it was the first Saturday run I've flaked on. Who knows. :)

  3. oh, molly! i know exactly what you are saying. my schedule has replaced the peer pressure because my peer pressure is in CA! lucky you ... :) it's so great to have someONE getting your butt out the door.