Tuesday, May 6, 2008

North Carolina Marathon, Greensboro

what a great race, and a challenging course! i had such a fun time running this half, though i didn't even come close to my goal time. ah, maybe next time.
highlights of the race:

  • a small, local race with a lot of fun, local runners
  • a course that wound through three universities, two golf course communities, and a charming downtown greensboro
  • early morning chat time with jona driving to the race (yep, 4am!)
  • taking maggie with us, who was the belle of the race. even the local news crew took footage of her for their coverage of the marathon
  • taking on an unexpected challenge of a hilly course - up and down and up and down
  • eating french toast at cracker barrel in burlington afterwards
  • finishing my 12th half marathon!


  1. Glad you had fun at Greensboro. I enjoyed the race too, but the hills were crazy!

  2. Way to go miss Julia! I had a great time manning the support crew with Maggie (we're a pretty good team) I will say I was jealous that I didn't run though, looked like my kind of race.

  3. Those are some hot muscles in those legs!